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Nigerians evil men: Internet fraud

Date: September 01, 2007

When you opened your e-mail account, the first e-mail you received was probably, "Welcome to Yahoo!" (or AOL, or Google ...).

The second was probably from Nigeria. And it was a hoax.
Spam and scam e-mail has become a multibillion dollar problem worldwide, fleecing the unsuspecting, interrupting commerce and irritating e-mail users who must delete sometimes hundreds of unwanted e-mail entries daily, some of which are criminal fraud.

Here are some of the recent e-mail spam/scam we have received here:

# The typical letter from Nigeria asking for assistance in moving $29 million out of the country (see letter).

# An offer to claim 1 million Euros from a lottery in England sponsored by Heineken beer.

# A urgent message to contact PayPal/eBay immediately to correct information in an account.

# A letter from Lady Toreth Hughes, of 52 Oxford St., England, who from her deathbed offers to donate her entire estate worth 20 million pounds sterling.

# A reminder from eBay to ignore any requests from organizations to provide account information and e-mail addresses, while at the same time asking to verify account information and e-mail address.
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