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Potential Internet scam

Date: August 01, 2006

Waukomis police are warning of potential scams and tricks after receiving a report from a woman last week who has lost between $400 and $600 in an Internet scam.

Officer Phillip Ott said the Waukomis Police Department has discovered more than $3,500 has been lost to someone posing as a Georgia businessman who is on a trip in Africa.

Ott said the Waukomis woman contacted the department July 23 when she began receiving packages for the suspect with other people’s names on them.

The woman told police she had met the man online, and he asked her to be the creditor for his business and to take checks and money orders for him and then ship them to him in Africa.

Ott said six to eight victims have been taken by the suspect, who Ott said police have traced to Nigeria.
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