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Interview with a carder

Date: September 28, 2003
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

A popular Computer Crime Research Center interviewed a carder named Script.

H: What is carding and what is happening now on the stage? Who are these people?

S: "A carder is a man who produces illegal operations with credit cards owned by other persons with the purpose to use the withdrawn money. There are two kinds of carders: internet-carders who work only with information and real carders dealing with plastic clones of credit cards" according to Dahl's Dictionary, 1893. I think that humanity quickly removes this problem. Protection systems are being improved. In 2001, VISA conducted a number of checks of payment systems on the Internet and their draw a summary: only 10% of systems have imperfect security systems. New online stores carry out accounts using new methods of credit cards authentication. So, only 1% of all fraudulent transactions are committed using authorization. However, we should mark out that term "carding" will exists till credit cards exist. The most skilled and popular carders in the world: Security, Exchanger, JohnnyZ, Mertvy Dyatel (Dead Woodpecker), Tolstiy, Yurik Rus, CVV@, Defender, Dracula, Pav01, Cre@tor, Neverhood, Cyberfon, Peps, G0n0rar...

H: What is a man wanting to be engaged in carding governed by?

S: He is governed by heart and reason. Science proved that a so called "happiness hormone" is exuded when a man is going to run risks. This hormone multiplied by amount of possibly obtained money has the greatest impact on this man.

H: Isn't it shameful?

S: Not at all. Not only because any man can deny any payment during a long time only having handed in an application to a bank, but also because carding is not a vile occupation as it seems to be. It is less shameful than any other theft. We do not bring any trouble to the owner of a card, he will refund his stolen money if he wants. Our government should be ashamed when teenagers in their young age turn to thieves.

H: Why did you decide to create a website? How is it now?

S: A website, the first site devoted to this topic induced us. It was created in a wrong way, there was no information, everything didn't work and it closed later on. So we decided to create an official website of Russian carders, that was the late I bought domain "", skilled webmasters designed it, friends helped to collect some related stories and articles on the Internet. Therein, by joint efforts we opened Unfortunately it has been existed for 5-6 months. Due to Hacker magazine, we managed to seriously promote the site. We reached 600 of daily unique visits, many posts in the forum and the various public. That was my first objective. The second task was to create the most powerful round of carding-lovers. Afterwards the site was closed because of numerous requests from all over the world. After that I lost my patriot sense and wish to create anything new, but my friends restored my confidence and desire to work. We legally bought a new website, suited the old style and design to a new website and created a new forum that became too popular on the Runet (RUssian interNET). Life goes on. At present our forum is viewed from Russia and Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Republic of Belarus, Armenia, Estonia, Argentina, Sweden, Canada, Israel, Belgium, England and also employees of different special services with educational purposes. Thus we live like this.

H: What about carders' stage? What about groups, forums, cards trading, etc.?

S: During his "work", a carder may specialize in one or several fields of carding. But there are no universal carders. Sooner or later, this carder will need services of another person. That's why there are some networks and rounds, people exchange numbers, information. One can't find an honest and skilled person at once, they should be proved in business. Many will seek help from the carder that has more authority. Therefore we created our section to help people who need skilled services and to get it at a low price and in good time.

Carders are actually equal to lonely wolves, they do not gather in groups and do not organize original networks, and they work on their own... So-called crowds (forums) are like dens of wolves; they "exchange" (more likely trade) information or observe offerings in some fields in order to find new solutions... There is no real helpful information for a newbie that he can easily earn. Nobody will help him...

There is a special market for trading credit card numbers. People sell number and not only numbers. One can find everything useful for carding business. It may be accounts in banks, comprehend information on card holders, sometimes including passport data... Carders are hackers in part, so that they at times cannot obtain info without any hacking work. Huge foreign companies try to find many protection methods... There are some protected protocols, for example HTTPS, etc... But it is useless because information is intercepted not during transmission between a payment system and a user. It is directly obtained from a data base, logfiles... Also they invent new methods to authenticate credit cards, e.g. cvv2, it won't help too because everything is taken from the mentioned sources. It disturbs only owners so that they provide more and more data that may be used against them in future. My advice is not to use a credit card on the Internet.

H: How well, at your point, are our law enforcement equipped with staff and resources now? Do your interests cross often?

S: On my opinion, they are equipped with nothing even. Nobody knows English and understands anything. Therefore when they get some info from the "enemy" they don't read it (and there are difficulties with the Internet too, there is no money for it), so they have nothing to read. My personal interests have never intersected with police and I hope they will never cross. I know there is a Department "R" in Moscow. All their work is to consider claims of different people and firms saying someone stole their Internet-time.

H: What about reports about a paid forum on the site?

S: We wanted to make our source closed, many people seconded this idea. I think there is a dual objective. Firstly, for last months we had a mass inflow of amateurs (lamers) from other sites, they hinder our normal communication and litter our forum. Secondly, there are many people, so-called "grifters", engaged in getting money by swindling or cheating. We were to introduce a member's fee. Nowadays we consider the expediency of such step. Even if we created a paid source, noone would share experience.
Therefore there will be no fees.

H: Do you have a legal credit card issued in your name?

S: No I don't have any card, but I have yours, by the way you’ve bought a laptop yesterday, haven't you?

H: Thanks, good luck, you will have use of it.

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