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Discussion : Rise up against globalisation of child porn

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2009-06-20 16:15:52 - Dima

Help who than can... 0.1 cent((

2006-10-09 10:57:42 -
On tablets how many are harmful to growing thin?
I hate myself for the sizes.
Whether it is valid, what they can cause irreversible damage to health?
Now show on TV much as people become invalids as a result of treatment.


2006-07-11 20:27:57 -
I like the pedofilia, the world needs the child porn.

2005-12-11 08:45:38 - mike
child porn needs to be stopped

2004-12-13 20:10:22 -
I am a studentdoing research on child porn. After reading this article it mades me very sick to my stomach, and I wish that there were more safeguards against this type of behaviour.

2004-11-30 00:57:29 -
This is making me cry, i have a girlfriend who was abused as a child.The stories she told me of her experiences has horrified me, i hope these people die in hell and get locked up for life ! Name the bastards, so we can track them down and haunt them!

2004-11-16 09:44:13 - KuatO
This is a huge problem, and has been on the net for some time. Some 90% of child pornography is traded and shared on the internet. So very few that do so, use a credit card to actually purchase the abuse.

There are many people, volunteers etc., that report report report. After awhile it feels like nobody is listening. It does seem to be a rather low priority for authorities and officials.

I have, and have seen many people complain about sites in which they have reported a dozin times to different tip lines etc. But yet years later they still sit, selling new images of child abuse. One person who purchases the material, turns into thousands of people sharing those same downloaded images.

This world needs to quit avoiding this terrible problem. People seem to fear what they dont know or understand. All you have to do is know somebody that is a victim of child abuse. And if you love this person, you will probably find that you will, for the rest of your life, try damn hard to fight this terrible problem.

Yes the pedophiles are out there. The net just serves as a tool to get them seen and noticed. There are not more pedophiles than there was in the past generations, but they are just more easily seen now because of new technology. Technology that needs better technology to find and track these people. Laws that allow people who know more than authorities to help and have a part in the fight. There are plenty of people trading and sharing child abuse images in forums, bbs's, newsgroups etc. that never purchase it, nor use a credit card. And they feel very confident that they cannot be tracked down because of anonymous 'safe surfing' techniques.

2004-11-04 14:13:13 -
This is very shocking to be happening

2004-10-28 14:08:55 - jackofghetto
The pedophiles are out there people ! Help track them down. Report it here.

Total 9 comments
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