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Discussion : Cybercrime definition

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2009-06-30 19:15:36 -
please make internet sales companies protect there consumers and make rules and regulation that protect them as well . to many people are getting scammed on the internet

2008-07-05 10:42:36 -
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2007-02-12 00:57:20 -
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2007-02-12 00:57:02 -
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2007-02-12 00:56:56 -
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2007-02-12 00:56:03 -
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2006-09-28 13:14:40 -
One would ask "why do people go into scam and other computer crimes? Do you have answers to this question? then post your answers

2006-06-29 20:45:36 -
I would like to add that cybercrime involves computer systems and ANY NETWORK...not just the Internet. Moreover, it involves at least one human being who originates, plans, prepares, and initiates the criminal act.According to Parker ( fighting computer crime) , these computer systemes play four roles in the crime.They serve as objects, subjects, tools, and symbols. All too often, however, the prevailing security foundation focuses only on computers' role as tools or subjects of crime - omitting the additional roles of objects and symbols. Thus, we MUST expand our views of cybercrime to include the potential threats inherent in all of these roles.

Total 8 comments
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