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Fighting cybercrime in CIS: strategy and tactics

Date: June 29, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Vladimir Golubev

... on the basis of Voronezh Institute of Police.

Legal criminal base
There’s Section XII and Chapter 31 Crimes against information security in the Criminal Code of Belarus.
Article 349. Unauthorized access to computer information, Article 350. Modification of computer information, Article 351. Computer sabotage, Article 352. Unauthorized capture of computer information, Article 353. Production or marketing of special means designed to obtain unauthorized access to computer systems or networks, Article 354. Development, use or spread of detrimental computer programs, Article 355. Violation of computer system or network operating rules

Units fighting cybercrime
A Department of high tech crimes at the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus was created in the system of the Ministry.

Republic of Kazakhstan

An international seminar meeting on issues of fighting high tech crimes was held in 2004 in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. A summary of country’s specialized law enforcement work in the field were brought was reported at the meeting. Fighting high tech crimes was set as a priority direction of the Republic’s Interior Ministry. It was outlined that despite broad spread of such crimes in Kazakhstan, a growth of crimes and sophistication of computer crime methods will be possible in due time. Complicacy of investigation into such crimes is explained by high latency of such crimes, anonymity of Internet; it is hard to prove the fact of illegal access to users. One of the main problems of investigation of these crimes is that police officers lack experience and skills of investigating such crimes.

Late in 2004, a possibility of potential growth of hacking in Kazakhstan was mentioned at the collegium of Financial Police Agency. The cause of such cold forecast was the detention of a computer con artist in Kustanai, Kazakhstan. He used Internet access for free damaging the ISP by $2000. Early in 2005 a cashier was sentenced on grand theft charges. He stole a huge sum of money using computer systems and the Internet access.

Legal criminal base
There’s a Chapter 7 “Economic crimes” in the Kazakhstan’s Criminal code. The Article 227 foresees penalty for unauthorized access to computer information, as well as production, use or distribution of computer malicious programs.

Units fighting computer crimes
A Department K on fighting high tech crimes at the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan was created in the system of the Ministry.

Agreement on cooperation of CIS countries in fighting crimes in the sphere of computer information adopted four years ago in Minsk laid the basis of the strategy and tactics of law enforcement, also of a real mechanism for cooperation within combating high tech crimes. Though countries didn’t fulfill their obligations related to joint secret search measures, creation of special information systems and cooperation in the field of training skilled police officers. CIS countries are at complicated and critical stage of solving those numerous problems related to the sphere of investigating cybercrimes. Massive DoS attacks, where hundreds of compromised bot computers and even networks from several countries are used to attack websites in the other countries; computer worms causing damages to two thirds of countries put fundamental questions related to localization and jurisdiction of these crimes and criminals. Recently, a number of measures was taken in order to develop efficient methods of efficient international collaboration in combating cybercrime at regional and international levels. These methods allowed to achieve certain significant results. It is necessary to render cooperation in carrying out scaled researches in the wide range of problems of combating crimes related to computers in order that these efforts will be proficient. It is also necessary to develop partnership relations both between CIS and all other interested parties.

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