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Virtual nightmares ride high

Date: January 03, 2008
By: Leslie D'Monte

Cybercrime is estimated to be a $105 billion market and looks set to grow this year as the complexity of cybercrimes intensifies.

The year 2008 is expected to be a year of an exponential increase in the activities of cyber criminals. Phishing Ч an attempt to criminally and fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords and credit card details continues to be a major concern during the year, claim security vendors.

Theft of intellectual property is expected to be another grave issue which needs to be tackled in the new year. УIndia is in the process of acquiring special technologies for cyber and digital frauds, international vendors of tools to trace cyber criminals, are now also showing interest in the Indain market,Ф says Computer Forensic Expert, Samir Datt.

Minister for Communication and Information Technology, A Raja, recently announced grants to enable the CBI install the latest technology enabling the investigative agency train officials in complex cybercrimes and also help in the mutual exchange of information with the Interpol.

The government is also in the process of amending the IT Act 2000 to address problems of data protection, data theft, e-commerce frauds and child pornography etc.
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