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Discussion : Credit Card Security

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2009-04-10 20:34:05 -
I recently had my credit card cloned. Trying to figure out who and when is driving nuts. One area that has me concerned is the practice of one of the hotels I stayed with on numerous occasions. This hotel has a habit of making an imprint of my credit card on the reservation form. Why I don't know. Does anyone have any idea if this is normal, or something I should be concerned about in the future?

2008-03-25 23:26:45 -
This begs the question about actually signing the back of your credit card. Some say don't as this will force the merchants to ask for your identification. Others say that merchants are technically not allowed accept the card if it's not signed on the back. Worse off, if you lose your card, the thief can just sign it himself.

Here's another article on card security as well.

2007-11-23 01:52:53 -
I have had merchants request the 3 number on the back of the credit card, purportedly to assure I had the card in hand while making an online purchase. This sends up a red flag for me, and subsequently do not purchase from this vendor. Are my fears valid? Can I give another number -- how do they know what it is?

Total 3 comments
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