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Swindlers caught red-handed suspected in stealing 0,5 million dollars

Date: January 15, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Maxim Serkov

... to reveal suspicious. If such are detected, all possible measures on non-admission of further losses are carried out, including account blockage (though it may cause definite inconvenience to clients), also replacement of cards, if there is data on information leakage. Unfortunately, there are some cases in practice, when clients did not trust qualified bank personnel, they doubted in information truthfulness and refused to assist protection of funds on their accounts at all. Bank received petitions for accounts unblocking. Losses of clients are the price of such misunderstanding, and there is no one to accuse. If to say about all the participants separately, a bank is providing clients' protection by way of implementing more perfect technologies in card business – “chips”.

- What is to be done by user to protect?

- The client in his part follows the rules of card usage, observes cautiously its safety and data non-disclosure. Shops provide clear services allowing customer to observe process of payment with the card from the very beginning to the very end. The list of demands may be continued, going deep in to the matter. At setting a contract each bank teaches client and provides rules on plastic cards usage. Risk will be minimized while parties are following all these measures.

- Is bank responsible for money safety on plastic?

- Mainly, contracts of Ukrainian financial institutions either do not contain regulations on responsibility for swindle at all (except theft, loss), or provide for full extent responsibility of a client for computer swindle. Operations authorized by pin code are of full responsibility of the client. Motivation is: mean of access given to clients, and only he knows for sure what happens with his card, the place where it is stored, whether liability on using of payment means is observed. We may reckon the basis for such situation is the absence of clear and comprehensive legislative mechanisms on regulating this topic. I will add that the least expensive and risky of all widespread ways of theft is data theft with help of shops or banks employees with further counterfeit and use of cards. This is probably qualified by law to be a criminal offence. Then we have a lot of work to do here…

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