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Some aspects of international counteraction to crimes committed by using information technologies

Date: January 29, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Vasili Polivanyuk

... system operation and the annular damage caused by them, for example to insurance companies, makes up 5 billion francs.

In Spain the expression “computer crime” is defined as:

1. Actions which aim at destroying or deleting programs or their components, changing, destructing collected information and groundlessly using computing equipment.

2. Actions against the State, national security, property and so on.

The common law, which provides punishing for computer crimes – Spain’s Criminal Code.

The disposition of Code articles formulated in conformity with norms of State Law 5/92 from 2 November 1992 which regulates processes of a personal automate processing of data and provides for creating the data protection body to control the observation of these norms.

The first legislative acts on computer crimes were adopted in 1979 in Australia.

The Computer Crime Sector (CCS) of Australia Federal Police (AFP), which was organized in 1989 carries out two functions:

1) collecting intelligence (operative and search) data on special computer crimes and their investigation

2) providing other sub-units with technical support as to the inspecting computers which are connected with crimes or helped committing them.

According to Australia’s current legislation, computer crimes are divided into three main types:

1) Specific computer crimes

2) Crimes connected with a computer

3) Crimes committed by means of a computer

4) Specific computer crimes cover infringements when computer system is an object of crime commitment. Unauthorized access to computer system can be an example of it.

Crimes connected with computers are infringements in which the computer performs the role of an object or instrument of on offence. Drawing money from the bank by means of computer as an instrument of a crime can serve as an example of this type.

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