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International cooperation in fighting cybercrime

Date: April 16, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Vladimir Golubev

... and other countries may suffer.
4. Non-availability the coordinated criminalization of computer hacking and hacking devices, illegal interception of data and interference into the work of computer systems.
Therefore the acceptance of " Convention On Cyber Crime" offered by the Council of Europe - will promote strengthening of the international cooperation in the prevention of transnational computer crimes.
National limitation of legislation as well as the lack of a single international legal base can be considered as on of the main reasons of prompt increase of transnational computer crimes.
The growth of cyber crimes parallel with the weak legal over them turn into a certain vicious circle which could only be broken by the proper unity of criminal law strategies of struggle with crimes of this kind. And international cooperation should become an important constituent part of such strategy as it is obvious that it is practically impossible to control of transnational computer crimes at a level of separate states. These are problems to be urgently solved by international community in the sphere of struggle with cyber crimes on the threshold of the 21st century.

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