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Discussion : Computer crime: Top threats in 2007

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2007-12-09 15:33:53 -
hay mohammadi fach moradi

2007-11-03 07:59:19 -
The Internet Security is a major issue nowadays, and I like this web sites to give us oppurtunity to increase our knowledge in computer crimes and how mitgate the risk
Haitham - IT Auditor & Systems

2007-09-14 14:12:38 -
i like this website.

2007-09-13 11:46:57 -
i indeed learned from this site
Its useful for students to prepare papers on cyber law

2007-08-11 06:39:08 -
In casablanca exist a gang using a computer to asserve people bodies by using weapon with magnetic, laser, radio emanation and a numeric camera relied to the nervous systems of the gang and with that of their victims.
the gang is composed of the more psychopathe people of the humanity coming from the more wild region of morocco called khmis-zemmamra, real criminals who breaks the heads of their victims and absorb their blood with the equipment.
a human beings trafficking in human oils and organs exported toward suiss and Europe countries with drug traffikcing is done by the provenšial delegation of hay mohammadi and casa-anfa, where the more horrible crimes against humanity are committed by biological experiment and physiological transfert who must be santionned in reference of article 8 of the international court of justice.
those criminals are not yet discovered by the moroccan autorities.
please for more information refer to google : Othmani, said Benbiga, Senhaji abdelaal, Zemmrani mohamed, zemmrani adnane,and raoul yacoubi.

2007-06-05 19:39:34 -
review top threats in 2007

2007-05-08 00:41:52 -
the Internet users in Major Countries of Asia

Country Internet Users No. of ISPs(Gateway services)
China 1,00,000 30
Hong Kong 2,50,000 90
India 4,00,000 1
Indonesia 1,00,000 6
Japan 15,00,000 1,300
South Korea 7,30,000 15
Malaysia 2,50,000 2
Philippines 20,000 80
Singapore 1,05,000 3
Thailand 1,20,000 4
Source: Sanjay Kumar and Suri R.K., “Internet Marketing” paper presented in National Seminar on e-commerce. Organised by Institute of Chartered Managers of India, 1998.

2007-05-08 00:36:19 -
pls publish this article on cyber crime

particularly of economic offences activities

(A study of Economic offences )

The present phase in the history of mankind has ushered in various new technological advancements which are going to have a far-reaching impact on the present as well as the future of human existence. The world is now passing through an unprecedented phase of an unparalleled metamorphosis in the arena of information technology designed and destined to effect drastic and dramatic changes in the day to day lives of the people and to replace the conventional snail pace systems of communication. New communication systems and digital technology in particular have made dramatic changes in the way we live. Further, a revolution is occurring in the way people transact business. For instance, business community and consumers are increasingly using computers to create, transmit and store information in the electronic form instead of traditional paper documents., The new"', information ,technology explosion _would'-' further generate exodus of creativity’s_ reducing time and distance and ou(globe:{c would seem to be shrunk and much Shorter, than it has been thought to be hitherto.1 Such is the impact ,of technological advent- Y cements and' innovations that today we" cannot bnagine our lives without them. The modem day technology has shrunk distances around the world and made the inflow and outflow of information across borders much easier than ever before. It was during this period that the wonder machine 'computer' made its mark. Computers have 'been dominating' the technological scenario world over since the early 1970s. In general terms, a computer is an electronic device used to process, the data and converting the data into information that is useful to people, These electronic devices have certainly made us more efficient by doing the repetitive tasks themselves, They, inter alia, help us create, design, programme and communicate. Computers have now entered all walks of life. As a matter of fact, we have entered the 'Information Age'. We find ourselves dependent on cellular phones, computers, electronic diaries and organisers and pagers in a way that we wonder how we managed without them in the past. The Internet and the World Wide Web blossomed in the 1980s. Through the medium of Internet, it is possible to have a world of information and connectivity at the click of a mouse. Internet is thus an irreversible phenomenon that has set new benchmarks for the entire mankind. As the world enters the threshold of the 21_t century and the third millennium, almost half of all the spheres of human activity the world over has got wired 'into a unique connectivity that has transcended national' frontiers, geographical boundaries and cosmic contours. Behind this new dimension of rapid advances in technology is the shady Internet criminal. Exceedingly rapid advances in technology also leave certain loopholes, for the criminal mind and slow legal reform adds risk to the technology for consumers. When Internet was developed, its founding fathers did not probably imagine that Internet could also be !Ilisusc;d for criminal activities. However, today there are many disturbing things happening in cyberspace, especially the cyber crimes. It will not be out of place to mention here that cyber crime has acquired international dimensions and that’ today the cyber criminals can move at the speed of light on a highway on which there are no traffic signals, no constables, and no custom or immigration authorities to check them for anything. Broadly speaking, _Cyber Crime' refers to all activities done witli the criminal intent in cyber space. Computer related crime has virtually no boundaries and does or may affect every country in this world. These could either be the criminal activities in the conventional sense or could also be the activities newly evolved with the growth of Internet. Thus the crucial question that arises in this context, is as to what has lead to the \Vqrtd_de spurt in cyber crimes? There 'are various reasons' for this upon which we would dwelve little later. First of all, we would like to talk about the concept and nature of cyber space.

2007-05-08 00:28:56 -
if any top threats related to credit cards misuse.

pls i want to ask u that what is the modus operandi of it

2007-02-26 03:13:05 -
The information I found here was rather helpful. Thank you for this.

2007-02-22 10:53:12 -
Nice site you have!

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