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Discussion : Phishing Feeds Internet Black Markets

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2005-01-04 03:48:00 -
See.. this is what happens when you let Auto Mechanics own a computer. I agree with a couple of the comments above- GET A CLUE PEOPLE. It's not E-commerce's fault, its yours! Sack up, take some responsibility for your own stupidity, and get over it. Maybe you shouldn't be involved in e-commerce, own a computer, or even be able to vote for that matter.

2004-12-14 12:19:02 -
Where is the initial source of the article sited?

2004-12-12 14:03:59 -
"the common computer user is still the sterotypical "cannot set the VCR clock" technological ignoramus"

I liked that one. ;o)

2004-11-23 00:10:47 -
Is anyone really surprised that thieves will try and profit from another's misfortune? The reason these crimes exist is not because the government hasn't done some "magic something or other" to stop them, not because technology doesn't exist to prevent this; rather because thieves profit from ignorance and greed. Phishers prey on the technologically (and often those many other ways) stupid; false storefronts prey on those too ignorant to buy from a trusted reseller or too greedy to realize that "it really is too good to be true" pricing is not a joke.

This reporter should have informed these folks, "please people, get a clue. Blame noone but yourselves." I realize the common computer user is still the sterotypical "cannot set the VCR clock" technological ignoramus, but still, we cannot all be surprised that bad people do bad stuff. If you must, and are too ignorant to spot a scam, throw the computer out the window. You'll at least force the thieves to find a more creative, more difficult-for-them way to steal your money.

Total 4 comments
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