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Discussion : Fighting Piracy? Microsoft is not by your side

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2009-02-17 00:50:45 -
hey i was researching on misuse of internet for my research paper!! you paper contents empty facts with no refrences and sources!!! no worth of reading!! cite your sources!!

2006-12-21 15:59:35 -
I don't know your sources, but you have a mislead in your figures about OS. Linux is far beyond the 4% of sharing, well not commercial, but even the ever present M$ is thinking on incorporate a release in their business. But the real mistake is not having into account other OS, as Mac OS-X, Solaris, and Unix. Taking these in the full market, the figures for Microsoft falls down from what you say.
Another mislead, is not considering the registering and protection of nowadays software. They are very good, and today it is not possible to simple copy a CD and run. Of course the main part of applications in the world are from piracy, but it is not so easy as you have depicted.

Total 2 comments
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