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Discussion : Where the Dangers Are

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2007-06-14 00:53:27 -
Gabriel Christou Says: please visit so you can see some photos of the terrorists

A matter of interest, Bin Laden did mentioned the name Russell will be the person opening the new stores in America.
I am the founder of Pizza Haven Australian and International, I have been fortunate to discover these criminal terrorists and I wish we could do something URGENTLY before anymore-similar BALI terror hits our home in Australia.
I am very familiar with these inhumane people as I was given an opportunity by the man himself to work his network under no knowledge of who they are and when I discovered their identities, I resigned and since then I have been trying to make contact. See below the story and attached photos of some terrorist that I have in my possession.

Thank you


2007-02-26 07:37:55 -
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2007-02-26 02:47:21 -
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2007-02-22 15:55:24 -
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2007-02-22 10:23:02 -
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2005-11-02 10:21:57 -
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2005-09-10 21:21:25 -
Ref: to article excerpt "CRASHING THE NET": QUOTE "We've been hearing these end-of-the-Internet stories for the last 10 years," Mr. Labovitz says. "But we haven't seen many of these mega-attacks." The most likely reason: Hackers, thieves and terrorists have come to depend on the Internet just like everybody else, and don't want it wrecked. UNQUOTE.

This is a way to make things much easier than they are. We can't neglect the power of wired scientists and we wre in fact warned against bott 9/11 and the Katrina in due time. A discussion like the Quota is to give away all our initiatives into hoping for the best though we know there is absolutely no limitation what wired people can do. Its far too late to act afterwards and the common "good-hopers" are as always significantly quite at that time. Better safe than sorry is something to teach people.

But there is more.

There is a mutual interest of both org.crime and terrorism to establish an Internet control.

Just for a while imagine the very day when you have just finalized your Internet Banking and a pop up screen tells you: "Thank's for the money. Your accounts are now emptied". or imagine the day when you come home from the supermaket having swiped your card there and an email is waiting for you telling: "Thanks for swiping your card. Account now emptied. Welcome back to swipe as soon as refilled."
That would render at least myself to stand first in queue at my bank's office the very next morning to get all my assets into cash and turn back to a cash life. I believe you would do the same and all others as well.
Within one week this would put DOW below 4000 and the derivates of JP Morgan, Chase and Citi ( now 1.5 times the world economy ) would be unable to cover.

1929 depression would come and collar crime would by industries and real estate for nothing ( = the mob goal this time as well ), and terroism would get an ultimate position to pursuade starving, unemployed people to join the fundamentalist mantras as in Germany 1030-1940) ( = the terror goal )

As long as the "good-hopers" - as the quoted guy and many others - still claim that the unthinkable evil can ever happen they ought to evidence it prior to expressing it. It would be becoming to them to prove the impossibility first and babble thereafter.

I understand this is causing some smile here and there as occured here and there prior to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, too.

It was exactly that smiling people that made us drip our guard after WW1 having us 20 yrs later to pass a steelbath happily dreaming of Goodness unprepared for evil with absolutely no defence of standing to provide against the urgent need to combat the nazis.
In fact those could have invaded us by ship already in 1939.

We lost individual lives and time on the sea of those "good-hopers'" ealier predictions and they were never accused for the consequences.

So let us for once be fully prepared for the worst Huge Evil Event - of course hoping for the Best - but take precaution in many ways anyhow.

How come we have already forgotten our hybris about the Japanese threat prior to the Pearl Harbor attack. Let's make the relevant difference between mature Precautions and playing Kindergartens and exclude such credulity of the above quote.

As long as anything is possible it mustn't be babbled away.

Good or Bad.

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