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Discussion : A typology of online child pornography offending

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2010-03-01 16:02:59 -
Im writing to find out how to obtain more info on what is considred or not to be child porn , what i can do if i know someone whom i believe posses such material

2007-02-26 01:09:26 -
Dein Aufstellungsort verdient nur gute Woerter. Danke.

2007-02-22 08:12:56 -
Nice site you have!

2006-10-18 23:09:56 -
to me i think that stuff is sick and an abusive way to young child.

2006-04-28 14:37:28 -

2005-09-16 20:30:17 -
Your site is realy very interesting!

2005-09-02 10:21:42 -
Your blog is very interesint

2005-08-24 02:45:25 -
I want to know what this is all about

2005-06-08 20:46:03 -
The article witten by Tony Krone, PHD "A typology of
online child pornography offending" was a very good
interesting perspective of someone with a PHD, that
agrees with ideas that investigators usually have on
the subject of child pornography. I need to give Tony
Krone, PHD some credit for trying to learn about the
subject and attempting to want to solve a problem as
he see it to be.
I guess a rather simplistic solution to all of this
would for me to say that child pornogaphy is not a
problem at all and we should legalize all material and
say that all pictures produced with a models permission
is fine, and all those that don't have the permission
is not fine, so that police wouldn't have to worry about that 'lascivious' word I hear a lot about when
talking about some models posing in front of a camera.
I used to be in charge of protecting some valuable
paintings at one time, and some of them included work
done by Monet who used a technique called "pointalism"
which was little dots with brillant color so that when
you were really close up to the painting you could see
each dot clearly; but as you moved back the dots became
a scene of extreme beauty!
In the case of child pornogaphy perhaps my PHD friend
we should take that step back a whole lot and not look
so much at all the detail (the dots) and see the picture from a different perspective which you haven't
seen before and that is police should not be using any
'sting' operations to lure people interested in child
pornogaphy with the FBI the biggest supplier on the
Police and FBI have no right to censor and to snoop on
what people do in the privacy in their own homes and
pubic libraries; what we choose to see is our own
business and if that is child pornogaphy than that
should be a right of that individual to see that image
or images even if that idividual is an adult or a
child because even children have a right to be sexual
beings too! A child may have sexual feelings and needs and desires; they just don't magically become a man or a women at age 18 to satisify some lawmaker's
desire to regulate people's behavior.
Many people view and collect various kinds of pornogaphy and have never hurt a child and adult and
besides that point it is far better for issues to be
out in the open so that everyone can talk about things
then having it hidden from view where my friends it will not go away.
Until our lawmakers realize that censorship and
incarceration of freedom loving people is wrong, and
intrusively looking into the private lives of
people by the police is wrong, you will continue to have your so called 'problem' that you think that child
pornography is, and as I've said it will not go away because your attempt to 'kill' it will force it to even greater lengths to stay alive.
The United States has made lots of mistakes in the past, so my friends around the world take note that this current American push for this censorship and
microscope in the affairs of the citizen approach is just another failed to be thing we are getting used to over here in the United States. Does anyone remember the Government trying to stop us from drinking alcohol (1920) How about abortion? How many young women lost their lives getting a abortion in a 'secret' basement done by someone who may not have had the expertise all because the Federal Government said it was illigal?
Lets legalize all forms of pornogaphy, including child pornogaphy and lets keep things out in the open so we can better regulate everything.

Paul Wesley Gannello

Total 9 comments
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