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Discussion : Mortgage fraud takes heavy toll

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2006-10-07 07:50:41 -
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2006-08-16 20:13:30 -
I think any type of fraud bites badly I do not understand why more people do not live by the Golden Rule treat others as you would like to be treated. I just recently went through a great mortgage scam, today as a matter of fact I pd $350 for an apprasail that had to be done by THEIR company of course and some how it came back the same exact amout as it did 5yrs ago and so now since obviously there is not enough equity in our home we our just out that $350 and further in debt, thanks for nothing but a pain in the rear Mortgage by a member of NASB

2006-06-28 00:14:16 -
I went to work for an outfit where it is common practice to "roll-up" the sales price of a property to demonstrate a downpayment of 10% or better on the sales contract, when in actuality the consumer has only brought in 3-5%. Buyers are not required to have valid SSN's and in most cases the property is appraised much higher than it is worth. Their "as is addendum" is leveraged such that the property becomes the new owners problem in terms of making it inhabitable or simply having hot water. IS THIS THE AMERICAN DREAM GONE HAYWIRE OR JUST STANDARD BUSINESS PRACTICES??

A Defender for those taken advantage of in house flipping

2005-09-17 14:46:48 -
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