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Discussion : Computer virus watch: many users don't use antivirus

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2010-12-27 15:59:54 -
I also think that your article is bogus because all you list is the programs that charge. What about free programs that do the same thing for free. MS Security Essentials, G Data, AVG are all good antivirus programs and are free. Hitman pro, Superantispyware, spybot sd, malware bytes all with free trials that will remove items for you are good as well. There are many others that offer real time protection for FREE you do not have to pay for them. Do your homework and you will find them. Beware of sites offering free online scans as sometimes they infect your machine. Bottom line is that if you are not knowledgeable take your computer to a reputable repair shop who is not always talking about reformatting.

2010-12-27 15:55:38 -
A virus that causes you to replace hardware? I have been in IT for over 15 years and can remove almost any virus without a reformat. Even if a reformat is necessary I can retrieve data 99.9% of the time. In fact I cannot think of a single instance where I was not able to. Maybe a single file was so damaged it could not be retrieved but that is about it. Too many people do not have the knowledge to do this. If you take it to a computer firm that wants to wipe and reload to fix they are taking the easy way out and ripping you off. Insist that they resolve the problem. I see 5 - 10 of these so called bad ones a month and do not have to reformat them. I think however your study is misleading because the users do not know what really caused the problem. Like the hardware was going bad and causing memory faults, page errors, blue screens etc making it look like a virus. I have not see a virus yet ruin hardware.

2007-12-05 13:22:52 -
I have been online for 8 years. In all that time I have not had a single confirmed virus (I use Windows 98SE and now, XP Home).
I don't do warez, torrentz or anything like that.
I get, on average, less than 1 email a week.
I have used various AV, spyware, adware apps and all they do is take up resources including, most importantly, my own time.
Maybe someone out there has a need for these things, but not me.
I really don't understand where all these 'threats' come from.

Total 3 comments
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