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Discussion : Local eBay seller has money, ID stolen online

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2006-07-09 14:10:10 -
Yes, I also was used in a fraud not to Negeria but to Russia. Just like the rest of the horror stories the "con men" use Paypal and they make it sound so convincing that I trusted them. It wasn't long before Paypal contacted me and told me that the Paypal account was stolen and they were going to chargeback my account $1800, this was after I had shipped a beautiful piece of jewelry to Russia and no way in trying to retrieve it. So, now I am
-$3636 and skeptical about selling on eBay or using Paypal. I've done research on internet fraud and all I found were forms to type in your complaint. It's a nasty reminder each time I think about what happened to me and the fact that nobody is able to help you. SAD

2006-01-02 13:59:53 -
i too have been conned by the conmen of Nigeria.I recently sold a phone on ebay and it was purchased for 122. I thought it was a huge amount at the time but another bidder was also bidding.It was between two bidders who were both upping the price between them- both conmen!!.So beware.I then received a email from paypal saying the money had been received.So I sent the item to Nigeria as the buyer who said they came from holland wanted it going to their boyfriend there as a birthday present!! Only to find the money is not there. I only lost postage money and the phone not 1000.s like other people but its still sickening!The email form payal was extremely convincing so beware!

2005-09-12 07:09:40 -
I too have just been contacted to sell an item from the 'recyler' in Los Angeles CA.
I just did a research on Google their shipper 'Ocean Airliners' but came up with nothing but your incident. Thank you so much. I had a funny feeling. My boyfriend thought I was making too much of it. I almost mailed my stuff back but was scared to give out my address. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR STORY.

2005-03-11 12:41:00 - werwer

2005-01-31 06:45:31 -
hurmm... =p

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