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Discussion : Stopping Computer Crime, Part 2

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2007-08-18 00:15:19 -
Computer crime is not what an advance technology can solve, it is an issue of moral upbringing. The society were we live in has contributed a lot to the development of cybercrime, imagine advertising weapons on the internet, pornography sites etc. th

2004-11-24 13:59:31 -
computer crime has spread like the deadly hiv and aids.the best way to get rid of this is to highlight the consequencies of commiting the crime. carry out anti-computer crime seminars. promote studies towards getting rid of this virus. it something that can be lowered or avoided but we cannot get rid of it instantly.
i would like to thank u so much the job well done ..and i pray that u continue to do this business as to this center. i would like to do morebusiness with u in the near future.

2004-11-15 16:04:17 -
alf is my hero... yay computer crime...:D!!

2004-11-15 16:02:42 -
im dead...and computer crime isnt...hale hitler

2004-10-26 15:39:14 -
Stopping Computer Crime is just as hard as stopping crime against innocent people on our streets and towns.

2004-10-14 16:27:12 - Am I the only one with a conscience?
If people are going to make commentsw, then yo0u guys should enforce constructive comments. What good does it do to say the sky is falling, and that you can't do a thing?

2004-10-13 08:52:33 -
With such insecure technologys such as wireless around, how does one intend to stop it. Security holes like such have to be fixed before even intending to stop computer crimes..

and what about inforcement ? not everyone country has strict computer crime laws, therefor there is no real way (correct me if im wrong) to stop someone in these countrys from exploiting your system

2004-10-11 18:48:07 - yanguards
you guys can never stop computer crime!

Total 8 comments
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