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Discussion : Cybercrime gangs

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2009-03-30 15:03:58 - assmuncher
nice info

2007-11-28 13:24:09 - Someone
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2007-11-28 13:23:25 - Someone
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2007-11-28 13:23:16 - TheGuyInFront
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2007-11-28 13:20:52 - Cuntshifer
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2007-11-28 13:18:56 - cuntfucker
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2007-11-28 13:13:48 -
this is very interesting and how does this work also it would be cool to know how you guys do what you do thaks for reading this please comment back..

2007-11-12 14:02:15 -
this article is written like a jewish monk wrote it on crack,

2007-10-05 19:41:27 -
A cybercrime gang in casablanca morocco use a computer to asserve physiologically and to transform biologically the human beings at distance using radio, magnetisme, laser emanation and a numeric camera, their victims are among the citizens and the government.
the gang named WAFA is hidden behalf the provencial delegation in hay mohammadi and casa-anfa and are not yet been discovered by the moroccan autorities, ypu can inform Rabat about this crime tip.

Total 9 comments
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