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Discussion : How dangerous are those who find pleasure in child porn?

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2007-02-10 10:15:40 -
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2005-11-21 19:01:11 -
This is regarding chads comment recently I found sombody I know very close to me looking at child porn. This person has never taken it further then just looking at child porn. This person is 29 years old. Maybe you can help me understand why people do this and what goes through their minds. this person has been doing this for 18 months. I have two young girls, should I be concerned?

2005-10-12 06:39:12 - bob
any one who likes it is a pig

2005-10-11 17:06:51 -
it is nice thank you

2005-09-29 09:42:22 -
Dumb ----- ,there is no danger in anyone who gets pleasure in child porn. God wants child porn. In fact having sex, not just sex but pleasing a child is the most healthiest thing to do. Sexually as long as the child is not force upon. If the child wants it then you must give it and give it with love and slow feather feelings to the child, which will bring out all love and no violence in the future of the childs life could ever trigger the mind.

2005-09-06 00:57:54 -
i would just like to comment on what you said about looking at child porn results in people becoing abusers. firstly i think child porn is horrific but i do find children (girls) sexualy attractive my state of mind came from my own child hood sexual abuse. as a result i hate the idea that a child is suffering from the hands of an abuser just to gratify men sexually. they do not think of the child,and that the child is a little human being with feeling.but what u have got to realize is this.... regardless of how u feel about men(and women) who are attracted to children sexualy does not mean they will go on to abuse. put it this way men who are attracted to women and women who are attracted to men, when on there own if they need to be relieved sexualy there are top shelf magazines to stimulate their sexual needs for relief. if someone is attracted to children because it is illigal (and rightfully so) there are no topshelf magazines to stimulate them to relieve them self. so they stay sexually frustrated,this then causes a build up of sexual pressure. so u tell me where is their relief. people tell them to just control themselves?????. i am no way condoning the use of child porn, because every child is a son or daughter of someone.they have feeling and thought of right and wrong. in my opinion society should be lookin at means to controling the sexual urges of adults who are attracted to children rather than condem me who is attracted to children,i have the right,and controled mind to know that it is wrong to harm a child. but i think that looking at a child naked on a nudist beach in an controled enviroment is not wrong. the parents are there and they are not in an abusive situation. i think it is better to have controlled sexual fantasies then to have a monster unleashed.most people like myself cannot help been attracted to children but its there. you will never be able to stop people being attracted to children but you can control the abuse inflicted this is a short message but i would love to answer you questions you might have. i will tell you honestly and truthfuly. please do not judge me on this reply alone please contact me i will tell u more info about child sexual attraction than u have ever known. why because i will be honest. i will not be giving you answer u just want to hear i will tell the truth. and for you info i have never and never will sexually abuse a child this is wrong very wrong. i look forward to hearing from u all the best

Total 6 comments
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