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December 2002
  1. Anti-spam filters kill legitimate emails
  2. Bugbear tops virus charts
  3. Digital attacks decline worldwide while attacks on USA rise
  4. Nation's infrastructure far from secure
  5. Virus payloads bigger, nastier
  6. Cyber stalkers active, IT Act silent
  7. Hacker Log: Pathway to Successful Site Attack
  8. A World Wide Web Of Internet Law
  9. China blocks news not porn online
  10. The first e-crime congress
  11. Klez tops 2002 virus charts
  12. Lagel worm wipes files
  13. Cyber hype
  14. Charges filed in alleged eBay scam
  15. New cybersecurity institute to fight online crime
  16. Organised Net crime rising sharply - top UK cop
  17. DVD Hacking Case Heads to Court--Again
  18. The 3rd Annual CyberCrime Conference & Exhibition
  19. Addressing the War on Financial Terrorism...
  20. Organised crime goes digital
  21. FBI launches online manhunt
  22. First e-crime congress meets
  23. The computer crimes in Ukraine can be unpunished
  24. 'DVD Jon' DeCSS hacking trial ends
  25. S.C. Computer Center Takes Aim At Cybercrime
  26. Businesses to discuss cybercrime charter
  27. New lab to target cybercrime, terrorism
  28. Ex-IT worker charged with sabotage
  29. US defends Web security plan
  30. Invitation to a break-in
  31. Technology events and issues that defined 2002
  32. T.O. hacker soon may go back online
  33. The UN World Summit on Information Society (WSIS)
  34. Critics Fear Broadcast Flag Would Stomp on Consumer Rights
  35. Hacker Mitnick's happy new year
  36. New forms of an information exchange and the organization of interaction in fight against transnational computer crime
  37. PHRACK Issue #60 has been released
  38. Does cyber crime pay?
  39. Experts try to salve business fears of cyberterrorism

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