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November 2002
  1. BugBear tops virus charts as Klez refuses to die
  2. Al-Qaeda hackers break into websites
  3. Root-Server Attack Traced to South Korea, U.S.
  4. Europe police losing cyber fight
  5. Agencies, companies urged to set guidelines for fighting cyberterrorism
  6. B.R. man booked in online stalking
  7. German secret service taps phones, bills buggees
  8. Email deletion bug bites Norton Internet Security
  9. Firms leave firewall gaps
  10. Alliance to combat villains of cyberspace
  11. Braid fails to unpick the Web
  12. Northeast InfraGard Summit
  13. E-card slimeware delivers pr0n
  14. Ellison to pull plug on protest websites
  15. AOL loses court ruling on Internet privacy issue
  16. China Cracks Down On Internet
  17. Cybersecurity bill nears House vote
  18. IT security training 'inadequate'
  19. The FBI's Cybercrime Crackdown
  20. 110 child porn counts leveled against man
  21. FBI director encourages businesses to report cyber-crime
  22. Government backed counter-attack-forces necessary in future
  23. Kaspersky scores virus alert own goal
  24. How al Qaeda put Internet to use
  25. Popular Small Office Router Has Security Hole
  26. U.S. Cracks Case of British Hacker
  27. Welsh Web designer charged with virus writing and child porn offences
  28. Greeting card virus licensed to spread
  29. Hacker attacks on Government systems declining year-on-year
  30. When firewalls and intrusion detection just aren't enough
  31. Russians wage cyber war on Chechen Web sites
  32. House votes life sentences for hackers
  33. Ruling: Cybercops need a hack warrant
  34. Hacker's vigilante efforts deemed inadmissible in court
  35. Mass arrests in child porn inquiry
  36. Brazil exports Cyber-crime worldwide
  37. Australian hacking group closes its doors
  38. BDon't trust that spam: Ignore 'Nigerian scam'
  39. Watch Out For Online ID Theft
  40. Site shows pilfered credit-card numbers
  41. A Greater Threat than Software Viruses?
  42. Bin Laden Cohort Warns of Cyberattacks
  43. US homeland security to police the Net
  44. Lawyers Fear Misuse of Cyber Murder Law
  45. Agency Weighed, but Discarded, Plan Reconfiguring the Internet
  46. Pro-Iraq Hacker Threatens Virus Outbreak
  47. Research aims to stop battery attackers
  48. Next virus attack to cost SMEs billions
  49. 2002: The year of spam
  50. Wireless hacking threat grows
  51. Homeland Security Bill Heralds IT Changes
  52. Hackers target government and companies
  53. Government fights off 6,000 online attacks
  54. Hackers deface SA sites for fun
  55. Researcher offers simple computer virus defence
  56. Anti-spam filters kill legitimate emails

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