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Economic Espionage: hunting for the information

By Ludmila Goroshko
Date: October 23, 2003

Economic Espionage Nowadays the most of information is concentrated on not paper carriers: hard disks, diskettes, punched tapes and punched cards, microfilms and films, audio and videocassettes, CDs.

The growth in number of computers and the development of information networks have generated a new kind of crimes. There appeared a branch of economic espionage related to extraction of the information from data processing systems. "Freaking" - the non-authorized getting of the information (including espionage) by means of electronic devices, and by the non-authorized connection to telecommunication networks. According to experts, 85% of the non-authorized penetration to the data processing systems remain unsolved. The leakage of confidential information causes millions losses. Besides, the offenders can ruin private businesses, or cause an irreparable loss to any branch of industry, or even to the whole country.

The way of virtual information storage is very attractive for economic spies. Any lucrative information stored not on a paper can be potential target. Such information may include all data making a trade secret, starting with new projects and "know-how" and finishing with paysheets allowing to "calculate" the business turnover and etc. The most important information is banking's and stock exchange's data.

Computer Crime Research Center

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