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USA: cybercrime grows by leaps and bounds

Ludmila Goroshko
Date: October 18, 2003

Cyber Crime Information security is a critical issue for the U.S. not only in military-political, but also in economic, scientific and technical and social aspects. In January, 2000 the U.S. have passed the National plan of information systems protection. According to this plan, U.S. government foresaw more than $2 billion in federal budget for the current fiscal year.

Several governmental bodies are engaged in fighting cybercrime: FBI, CIA, the U.S. Ministry of Justice and Pentagon. A lot of laws on problems of computer safety and protection of copyrights are now discussed in the U.S. Congress.

The Cyber Emergency Response Team, created by the Pentagon at Carnegie-Mellon University in 1988, has published cybercrimes statistics. On their data, 52'658 incidents have been registered in 2001^; in 2002 - 82'094^; for the 1-st half-year 2003 - 76'404. It is necessary to note that an incident may involve one site or hundreds (or even thousands) of sites. Also, some incidents may involve ongoing activity for long periods of time.

Total vulnerabilities reported 1995 - 2 quarter 2003: 11,155. 1993 vulnerabilities have been reported in the 1-st half-year 2003.

Computer Crime Research Center

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