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CCRC and NHTCU in fighting child pornography

By Ludmila Goroshko
Date: September 16, 2003

Cyber-crime Visit of two representatives of Computer Crime Research Center - Vladimir Golubev and Timofey Saytarly - to National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) has come to the end on September, 14.

Issues of response and cooperation in investigating incidents related to child sexual exploitation were discussed during the meeting with NHTCU's head Len Hynds and representatives National Criminal Intelligence Service and Child Pornography Department of Scotland Yard.

Aspects of prosecution of criminals involved in child pornography were discussed as well, as technical aspects of revealing manufacturers, sources of distribution and consumers of a child pornography. An arrangement on an information and experience exchange and consultations on fighting pedophilia has been achieved.

Taking into account transnational nature of such crimes, it is possible to fight this evil only with joint efforts of all countries. So, the fighting child pornography in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet will obtain not propagandistic, but practical nature.

Computer Crime Research Center

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