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Man gets jail term for Internet fraud

Source: Gulf Today
Date: September 01, 2003

Internet fraud THE Court of First Instance in Dubai has sentenced a Pakistani aged 32 to a year's imprisonment to be followed by deportation. He was also sentenced to one more year's jail term in the second and third cases on charges of fraud and misuse of bank accounts.
The accused had published an advertisement in the local media offering jobs to drivers.
It said the drivers would be paid Dhs2,000 each, in addition to accommodation and transport.
It asked interested candidates to send their resume to a post box in Sharjah.
Many candidates applied and were interviewed.

He gave them employment and requested them to open accounts with foreign banks.
He asked them to obtain ATM cards from the banks and submit them to him so as to facilitate sponsorship transfer and deposit some money in their accounts.

After securing access to the bank accounts and the ATM cards in the names of employees, he commenced his operations from an Internet cafe. br>
The accused installed a software in a computer which allowed him access to the data of the bank's customers, including their bank accounts and passwords.

He then transferred necessary information to his computer at home and shifted funds to the accounts of his drivers. Later, using the ATM cards, he withdrew money from these accounts.

The accused acquired over Dhs120,000 from his victims -- about Dhs25,000 and $500 came from the first victim, Dhs30,489 from the second victim and Dhs4,003 from the third.

His operations were unearthed when the victims found that their funds have been transferred to the accounts of people whom they do not know. They filed a case.

Interrogation of the drivers led to the accused and he was arrested.

Original article at: http://www.godubai.com/gulftoday/article.asp?h_id=33

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