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The Russian hacker Alexey Ivanov is sentenced to four years of imprisonment

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: July 26, 2003

I Hartford court has sentenced the 23-years old Russian hacker Alexey Ivanov to four years of imprisonment. He has been brought in a verdict of guilty in criminal arrangement, computer hacking, blackmail and other crimes. Alexey Ivanov and Vasily Gorshkov have been arrested in USA in November, 2000. FBI started to keep an eye on them after numerous hacking of American companies' networks. Hackers were enticed from Russia to the US. For this purpose US special services have created false firm "Invita" which has invited hackers to the US for development of computer security system.

According to judge Elvin Thomson, Ivanov accounts for financial losses of Americans about $25 million. Alexey Ivanov will be under police surveillance during three years after imprisonment .

More than two years Chelyabinsk programmers Alexey Ivanov and Vasily Gorshkov are in the American prison. Having accused them in hacking the special service of USA has decided to fight cybercrimes. We shall remind that in the autumn of the last year the court has taken place on one of them - Vasily Gorshkov. The verdict was severe: three years of imprisonment and compensation in 690 thousand dollars.

Cybercrime has overflowed America. FBI director Luis Frih, reporting in the senate, frightened fellow citizens with the quantity of crimes and the huge sums, which hackers "have withdrawn" from accounts of Americans. Finally the special service has got financing and several years ago FBI created special department on cybercrime fighting and has branches in all states of the country. It has been also declared that foreign law enforcement bodies are invited to cooperation.

For successful reporting about the job FBI has trumped-up charges against the Ivanov and Gorshkov. It is visible how the special service collected evidences against Russian programmers. Agents of FBI acted in the best traditions of Bond. Acting according to the principle "all means are good for goal achievement" FBI created the false firm and put the task to entice the Chelyabinsk programmers into the U.S. So they developed precedent in judiciary practice and its consequences can be rather sad not only for Russia, but also for many other countries which have faced to a problem of cybercrimes.

The senior inspector of investigatory department of Federal Security Services on the Chelyabinsk region, the lieutenant colonel of justice Igor Tkach has initiated criminal case against FBI agents Michael Shuler and Melissa M. Mejlon under the article 272 Criminal Code of Russian Federation about "Russian citizens' (Vasily Gorshkov and Alexey Ivanov) rights protection". In this connection, according to treaty provisions about the legal aid, ratified by Russia and the USA in 1999, Tkach has addressed through the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia with the petition to the U.S. Department of Justice to assist in carrying out of investigatory actions concerning the FBI agents.

The Federal Security Service of Russia is going to bring criminal case concerning agents of FBI to court with the charges in hacking of Russian firm "Gorshkov" computer networks.

Computer Crime Research Center

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