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Cybersecurity - a crucial task

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: May 30, 2003

Cybercrime The governments of all developed countries are alarmed at problem of information security and cyberspace protection. Threat of cyberterrorism is a reality now, and cybercrime counteraction is the critical task, demanding great efforts and resources. Under the forecast of IDC, 2003 will be the year of the most severe cyberattacks, which can impact the Internet and make it not functioning for few days.

In the beginning of 2003 the U.S. congress passed National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace. As the global information web is actually American, this document will regulate all Internet-life.

Questions of creation of comprehensive system of the cyberattacks prevention and computer viruses are constantly discussed. There were hearings that the largest Internet-providers will be compulsorily involved in the control of information streams. Experts of Homeland Security Department have denied conclusions of mass media that this system would become Internet monitoring. Now experts study the ways and methods on cyberattacks prevention, but not on shadowing of each Internet user.

Despite of economic grievances, information technologies develops prompt in Ukraine, and tasks of cybersecurity become more actual. The quite another matter is the Ukraine's modest means for information security engineering. So, the problems of financing this branch is the critical task on cyberprotection in the territory of former Soviet Union.

Computer Crime Research Center

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