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Ukraine: Fighting Cybercrimes

By Vladimir Golubev

Date: May 29, 2003

Fighting Cybercrimes Computer viruses, fraud, theft money from bank accounts and identity theft is not a full list of computer crimes. That is why the problem of cybercrimes counteraction is crucial now. Cybercrime is an integral part of traditional crimes and has transnational nature. These illegal actions make certain public danger and really threaten information safety and national defense.

Despite of efforts of many states on fighting cybercrime, it doesn't decrease, but constantly grows.

Now special services spend one dollar to protect the dollar against hacker. Any housewife knows about hackers, however people know a little about those who develop system of cyberspace defense. And this invisible struggle proceeds all time: in response to everyone new cyberattack experts develop a new technology of cyber protection (patch).

Certainly, special services haven’t universal «medicine» against such illness as «hacking», but are possible to use already invented "vaccine" as CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team). Now CERT operates in the different countries.

Therefore, in our opinion, the creation of CERT-UA in territory of Ukraine could be important step for fast counteraction to cybercrimes. Creation of CERT-UA is an actual task for Ukrainian Government or Businesses. And this problem solving would have effect not only in Ukrainian cyberspace protection, but could help fight cybercrimes all over the world.

Computer Crime Research Center

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