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"Information Technologies and Security-2003"
June 23-27, 2003
Ukraine, Crimea, Partenit

Information Technologies and Security-2003 On June 23-27, 2003 the Third International Conference "Information Technologies and Security-2003" will take place in Partenit (Crimea, Ukraine).

The Object of the conference is to discuss many actual problems of globalization of the information systems, their influence on forming information society, and also security of the up-to-date information technologies including financial, juridical, organizational and technical issues of dataware and information security. Among the questions to be discussed are staff training, normative-legal maintenance, technologies and means of formation of public consciousness, carrying out and neutralization of information operations, social, psychological and medical aspects of mass and individual information operations.

The purpose of conference is acquaintance of participants with ideas, approaches and concrete results of the decision of theoretical and practical tasks, an establishment and development of business contacts.

Scientific directions of the conference:

  • Globalization of information systems and security.
  • Protection of the information and protection against the information.
  • Information operations, information weapon, information wars.
  • Legal problems of information security.
  • Social-psychological and medical aspects of information security.
  • Problems of struggle against cybercrimes.
  • Applied questions of the development of information technologies.

    Organizing conference committee:
    Ukraine, 03113, Kiev, Shpaka St., 2, IPRI NAN Ukraine, ph. (+38 044) 454-21-66, 454-21-58
    e-mail: dssd@cki.ipri.kiev.ua,

    Sourse: http://www.crime-research.org/eng/ibt/

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