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Cybercrimes Location

By Vladimir Golubev

Date: May 28, 2003

Cybercrimes Location The problem of cybercrime became a sore point, both for the majority of the companies, and for experts on IT security.

According to Symantec's latest Internet Security Threat Report, in terms of overall volume, the United States topped the top-10 list of attacking countries, with 35.4 per cent of recorded cyber-attacks originating in the US.

South Korea was second at 12.8 per cent and China third at 6.9 per cent. The others were Germany (6.7 per cent), France (4 per cent), Taiwan (3.9 per cent), Canada (3.2 per cent), Italy (3 per cent), Great Britain (2.2 per cent) and Japan (1.8 per cent). These nations were responsible for the origin of 80 per cent of all cyber-attacks, according to Symantec's analysis of real-time hacks detected by a sample of 400 companies deploying more than 1000 intrusion detection systems and firewalls in more than 30 countries. South Korea was the No. 1 culprit on a per-user basis among countries with more than one million Internet users. Perhaps riding rapid growth in high-speed Internet connections there, South Korea jumped from the No. 4 spot. Meanwhile, the former leader, Israel, dropped down to No. 10 as its total attack volume fell about 50%.

Iran and Kuwait topped the per-user ranking for countries with between 100,000 and a million users, with a spate of Eastern European and Latin American countries filling out the top 10.

Computer Crime Research Center

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