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U.S. Special services: hunting for hackers and pirates

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: May 27, 2003

Cybercrime As it has been informed earlier, citizen of Ukraine suspected in trade of counterfeit software was detained in Thailand. He is charged with trade of the piracy software for millions dollars.

According to The Register, he is Maxim Vysochansky, twenty five years old, arrested on May, 19 in Bangkok^; he is charged with sale software for three million US dollars. Bangkok newspaper The Nation says that Maximís actions have caused a loss for American software industry in one billion dollars.

According to the same issue, Vysochansky is included in the list of ten persons most wanted by FBI. The representative of the American embassy in Bangkok informed about it. He has characterized Maxim Vysochansky as a large figure in the environment of the international computer criminality.

Maxim Vysochansky is in investigatory prison of Bangkok now.

Thailand is known as "fair" of counterfeit software in Southeast Asia. And probably Thai authorities should to deliver up Maxim to the American special service.

Here is something curiously: FBI, CIA, the American diplomats and all power of state machinery are engaged in protecting interests of Bill Gates Company and other software giants of the USA. It is the significant and instructive fact Ö

There are impressions that in absence of the real opponent (as during "cold war"), special services in addition to Al-Qaeda have to fight hackers and pirates.

Computer Crime Research Center

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