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Fighting Child Pornography

By Timofey Saytarly
Date: May 27, 2003

Stop Child Porn 75 % of all child pornography is distributed in the Internet. According to experts, 70 % of Internet - payments B2C are made for "xxx-sites", and the words related to sex and pornography are in a half of query search engine. The problem is that the statutory acts of many countries so differ that allow “xxx-sites" owners skillfully avoid responsibility. The overwhelming majority of porno-sites have simple screen - verification page. This method is inefficient, but according to legislation of many countries declines almost all responsibility. For a year department "K" of Ministry of Internal Affairs Russian Federation in Moscow brought to court only 5 criminal cases on child pornography in the Internet, but any of criminals has not been put into prison. All of them were not engaged in manufacturing of pornography, i.e. they did not shoot pornography with participation of children. Malefactors just found films, copied and placed in the Internet. This situation with the penalty is caused by blanks in the Russian legislation.

The initiative which has been put forward by Austria in 1998, assumes prohibition use the Internet for distribution child pornography.

Canada has acted more correctly. According to Canada's Laws the crime is not only manufacture and distribution child pornography in the Internet, but its viewing also. Moreover, Canadians are to be prosecuted for committing these crimes abroad.

The European Union is going to toughen laws on struggle against child pornography in the Internet. It is offered to European countries to pass laws which would equally punish for manufacture, storage and distribution of child pornography. It's only the first steps in association of the common efforts. It is difficult to find common ground of different legislations, but it is more difficult to act where there are not similar laws at all.

Computer Crime Research Center

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