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Cyber-crime Convention provisions implemented

Source: Europemedia.net
Date: May 23, 2003

Stop Cyber-crime A range of new provisions related to cyber-crime have entered into force in Romania. The cyber-crime-related provisions are incorporated into Title III of the Anticorruption law. This is merely an implementation of the Cyber-crime Convention that was signed by Romania in the end of 2001.
There are no provisions regarding data retention, even though in some previous versions of the law existed obligations for internet service providers to keep all traffic data for six months.
The main crimes foreseen in the law are the illegal access of a computer system^; the illegal interception of data transmission^; the illegal alteration, deletion or deterioration of computer data or access of restricted data...

Original article: http://www.europemedia.net/shownews.asp?ArticleID=16448

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