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Cyberterrorism: Myth or Reality?

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: May 24, 2003

Stop Cyberterrorism What is "cyberterrorism"? Cyberterrorism is the same terrorism, which uses computers and electronic networks for the terrorist actions.

"Cyberterrorism means intentional use or threat of use, without legally recognized authority, of violence, disruption, or interference against cyber systems, when it is likely that such use would result in death or injury of a person or persons, substantial damage to physical property, civil disorder, or significant economic harm".

As the criminal phenomenon, terrorism has the international effect and according to a line of the international documents described as international crime. The analysis of global tendencies of cybercrimes’ spread allows to predict that cyber threat increases every year.

According to the experts’ opinion cyberterrorism turns into the serious threat, comparable with the nuclear, bacteriological and chemical weapon, and, is not realized and studied well. The global experience in cyberterrorism fighting shows the vulnerability of any state, as computer-terrorism has no frontiers. Cyberterrorist can threaten to the information systems in any place of globe.

Technical progress develops so promptly, that some its consequences are realized by society too late and great efforts are required for correction the situation. There is a view, that at pass of some critical point progress begins to work on mankind destruction. Such situation has developed, for example, with ecology and, unfortunately, develops in the field of information technologies.

Computer Crime Research Center

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