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Even Segway coming to tech conference

Source: The News Tribune
By Marcelene Edwards
Date: May 23, 2003

Cybercrime The South Sound Technology Conference will focus on mobile technology and will include a demonstration of the new Segway Human Transporter.
The event, coming Wednesday to the Tacoma Convention Center, will include discussions on how wireless phones, hand-held computers and other devices can help businesses.
Keynote speaker Howard Rheingold, author of "Smart Mobs: Mobile Communication, Pervasive Computing and Collective Action," will start the technology discussion, following a welcome by Gov. Gary Locke and other state leaders.
Rheingold's talk is titled "Mobility and Convergence: Life Beyond the Wire." He will explain the human side of the technology-shaped future, according to a technology conference release.
"Already, governments have fallen, youth subcultures have blossomed from Asia to Scandinavia, new industries have been born and older industries have launched furious counterattacks," said Rheingold in "Smart Mobs." "Street demonstrators in the 1999 anti-WTO protests used dynamically updated Web sites, cell-phones and swarming tactics in the battle of Seattle." Full Story

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