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Watch Out for Internet Scam

Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram
By Wayne Thomas
Date: May 21, 2003

Internet Scam Area Internet users are being warned by local lawmen of an online scam that is currently affecting on-line users all over the country.
According to reports by Winchester Police Investigator Allen Rhodes, some local residents fell victim to this scam. Rhodes states that the scam artist send an email alleging that they are from legitimate internet businesses and request "credit card information."
The investigator states that the local residents received an email that appeared to be from the company that an item had been purchased from, but in reality it wasn't.
Rhodes notes if area residents receive such an email, they should call the number that appears on the front page of the company selling the items.
Rhodes noted that the local residents, whom he did not identify, learned that cyberspace thieves were able to obtain a credit card belonging to them and charged $3,300 in New York City in two days.
The investigator explained that the card company is not charging the Franklin Countians, as they are considering it a fraud case.
Rhodes working with the Secret Service as well as the FBI's Credit Card Fraud Division in trying to catch the thieves. Full Story

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