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Cyber crime buster faults laws

Source: The Hindu
Date: May 19, 2003

Cyber War Ankit Fadia, hailed as the Sherlock Holmes in the world of cyber crimes, today said the cyber law in the country was useless.
"It is full of loopholes", the master cyber crime buster, whose services are often sought by foreign countries and big business houses, told presspersons.
Ankit said there were not enough trained people to enforce the existing cyber laws. A glaring loophole in the law was that there was nothing in it that could be used to force the Internet service provider to cooperate with agencies investigating cyber crimes.
"Service providers do not maintain log files for more than one week. This seriously hampers the investigation," he said.
Ankit, a teenager, was in the city to attend an IT workshop organised by the NITC-IBM Ace Centre on computer security. Ankit has been using his computer skills to track down cyber criminals who damage Web sites and commit similar crimes.
Hunting down hackers who tamper with Web sites maintained by companies and Government agencies is a tough job which only super -hackers like Ankit can do.
"It takes a thief to catch another thief," joked Ankit, who is now trying for admission to engineering course.
"Is not hacking a crime?" he was asked. "No", he replied firmly. "A hacker uses his knowledge of computer for good. A "cracker" on the other hand uses it to commit computer crimes".
Hacking skills should be learned and popularised even if these could be used to spoil Web sites, he said. "We do not stop making knives simply because some people use them to kill others", he pointed out. Full Story

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