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Russian Police Department "K" fights child pornography

By Timofey Saytarly
Date: May 18, 2003

Stop Child Porn According to Law Enforcement Bodies of Russia 75 % of all child pornography is distributed in the Internet. According to Police Department "K", about 90 % of the Interpol's international search orders on computer criminality are devoted to the problem of child porn. The world porno industry, knowing about failure of legal regulation in these crimes in Russia, aspires to move the porn resources on territory of the Russian Side of the Internet.

For example, there was case with occurrence in the Internet of a 40-second videoclip. Two sexual perversioners had a sex with the juvenile girl. They rendered stab and cut wounds, cut off her ears and beat out eyes. According to Russian Police Department "K", FBI agents were the first who paid attention on this clip. Experts have fixed that clip is not imitation, but real actions. Also it has been determined that Americans got access to clip for 400 US dollars from the specialized Russian web-site. Then agents of Russian Police Department "K" have been involved in this crime investigation also. After 3 months manufacturers of this clip have been found in one of the countries of Southeast Asia and sentenced to death and executed. Worldwide consumers of this production have been sentenced for 10 - 120 years imprisonment. At the same time, the accomplice in this group in territory of Russia was not convicted because of imperfection of the Criminal Law.

As a rule, such crimes are committed by well organized international groups. In most cases those who work on creation and maintenance of porno web-sites do know neither names, nor addresses of the colleagues. Everyone child porn site in the Internet brings in return about 30 thousand dollars a month. There is criminal "triad" over each porn web-site: it is members of organized criminal groups, corrupt officials, the bankers assisting in money laundering. It is easy to explain commercial success of such businesses: amateurs of child pornography have already got used to search for production not in illegal shops, but in police free virtual network.

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