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North Building Up Hacking Capability

Source: English.chosun
by Yoo Yong-won
Date: May 16, 2003

Stop Syberterrorism North Korea has been strengthening its cyber-terrorism capability, and is training more than 100 persons a year to be expert hackers, Song Young-keun, the nation's defense security commander, said Friday. Song, speaking at a seminar on changes in the intelligence environment that was attended by 400 experts and military officials, said that his command had been concentrating on ensuring the protection of Korea's defense intelligence systems. He warned, though, that the risks the nation faces in this area cannot be eliminated by his agency alone.
It is very unusual for high-ranking officials to comment on North Korean hackers^; insiders said that the North had been training hackers since the end of the 1980s at a Pyongyang college, Mirim University. Full story

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