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Police turn to security experts at cybercrime conference

Source: ZDNet Australia
By Patrick Gray
Date: May 16, 2003

Cybercrimes The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has called information security experts to its own cyber crime conference to help it better investigate electronic offences.
The conference is taking place in the Gold Coast, and has immediately followed the AusCERT security conference, which ended yesterday.
The head of the high-tech crime unit of the AFP, Alastair MacGibbon, says that hosting the conference after the AusCERT event has helped to attract good speakers and save money.
"We were taking advantage of the fact that a lot of people were already in town," he told ZDNet Australia. "We have some experts like [Linux security specialist] Thomas Rude... some of the AusCERT speakers are staying on".
Police from most, if not all, Australian jurisdictions are in attendance, as are the Netherlands police, several Asian policing bodies, and Australian commonwealth agencies such as the Defence Signals Directorate’s computer network vulnerability team.
Although the conference will focus on both forensics and investigations, it’s the investigative side that is most interesting to the AFP.
"We’re looking at how you investigate a live matter and how we can track offenders," MacGibbon said. "We’re also asking people to tell us about the psychology behind some of the crimes we’ll be looking at".
MacGibbon has been given the job of heading up the Australian high tech crime centre, a new group that will co-ordinate cyber crime fighting efforts between various state and Commonwealth agencies. However he couldn’t give a concrete timeline for its launch. Full story

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