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New Book: "Problems of Cybercrimes Fighting"

By Lyudmila Goroshko
Date: May 15, 2003

Expertise In May, 2003 a new book "Problems of Cybercrime Fighting” have been issued. It has been written by Vladimir Golubev, the candidate of jurisprudence, director Computer Crime Research Center.

The author describes basic aspects of information security, directions of its protection, formulates criminalistics characteristics of computer crimes, makes recommendation on disclosing, fixing and to withdrawal of crime’s vestiges^; author bases on own theoretical and practical work, experience and achievements of experts on computer crimes fighting. Author makes criminal and legal characteristic of computer crimes, tactical features of investigatory actions and technique of these crimes’ investigation.

Book is recommended students, post-graduate students and teachers of Higher Education of Law and law enforcement bodies.

More detailed information on purchase of the book will be published at Ñrime-research.org in the near future.

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