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How to provide information security at the enterprise

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: May 14, 2003

Cybercrime Seminar On June, 3, 2003 in National Technical University "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" Ukrainian Company "InterActiv" will conduct the scientific - practical seminar for a theme: "How to provide information security at the enterprise" (practical aspects).

The seminar program:

1. An overall objective and tasks on the information systems security.

2. A technique determining the objects which have to be protected^; the audit of information security.

3. General model of the information security infringer^; hierarchy of threats to information systems security^; the basic technologies used fro infringement of information security.

4. Social engineering: techniques of attacks^; people manipulation^; the ways of protection.

5. Detailed analysis of real and probable attacks, mini-training on these incidents response.

6. Providing information security: development of security policy^; development of organizational structure of information security^; employees training.

7. Training on critical situations response.

8. Technical aspects of information security: password access, anti-virus protection, enciphering, gateway screens.

9. Legislative ensuring of information security.

10. Problems of computer crimes investigation. Typical mistakes at investigatory actions and recommendations on their avoidance.

11. Organizational actions on the information protection: anticipatory, supervising, stopping.

The director of Computer Crime Research Center Vladimir Golubev will report “Computer Crimes Investigation”. He will describe some problems of computer crime investigation, the most typical mistakes made at investigatory actions which can result to loss or distortion of the computer information^; recommendations on computer crime counteraction.

The most interesting materials of the Seminar will be published at www.crime-research.org.

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