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Businesses urged to prepare for cyber crime

Source: ABC Queensland
Date: May 13, 2003

vspace="0" Queensland's Minister for Innovation and Information Economy says the face of terrorism is changing.Minister Paul Lucas has stressed the importance of businesses being prepared for cyber crime and Internet terrorism. He spoke at the opening of a five-day Internet security conference on the Gold Coast last night. Mr Lucas says Queensland is home to the largest E-security research community in the Southern Hemisphere but that is no reason for businesses to become complacent.
"E-security is just as important as having police on a beat, or just as important as having security guards out on the fence," Mr Lucas said. "It would be a great irony if businesses thought, 'gee we're doing the right thing by having security guards around the perimeter or having a burglar alarm' but they have an internet system that's free to attack."

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