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Fight against online scams

Source: Canoe.ca
By Michael Wood
Date: May 12, 2003

Stop Internet-fraud If the future of crime is barreling through cyberspace at eye-popping light speed, the future of Calgary's crime prevention unit is in the rearview mirror -- and catching up. Online crime has become the next big thing confronting law enforcement in this century and is growing by the day.
To address that, and other dastardly enterprises rampantly creating victims of Calgarians, the police service is looking to expand its crime prevention unit to help people defend themselves against this bottom-feeding breed of 21st century thugs. "Our hope is to prevent people from becoming victims down the road," says Sgt. Marty Fulkerth.
Or, down the information highway.
"That's pretty much where a lot of energy is going now.
"And certainly that's an area (of the crime prevention unit) that's going to expand."
In many cases, it's as simple as providing demonstrations and workshops to parents and at schools, warning users of the dangers that lurk in cyberspace and providing tips for protection. In other "cyber exploits," the unit has developed a so-called "hybrid and hive" program, which utilizes the computing force of cops, academia and corporate Calgary to identify and respond to emerging crimes and create solutions for the community. "The hybrid and hive is much like a beehive made of cells -- we have a cell in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge and Edmonton -- all cells that make up the hive," Fulkerth said.

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