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Online crime continues to spread

Source: www.azbiz.com
By Kyle Schliesman
Date: May 12, 2003

vspace="0" Cyber-crime: The problem is getting worse. According to the last year’s FBI survey (available at www.gocsi.com), from 2001 to 2002, companies reporting cyber-security incidents rose from 64 percent to 90 percent. Of those, 80 percent reported financial losses and 44 percent of those losses were quantified at more than $455 million total.
“The computer crime neighborhood is far and wide,” said Tom Liffiton, a special agent with the Phoenix office of the FBI, who spoke recently at the Community Information and Telecommunications Alliance’s “Plain Talk About Information Assurance” forum. CITA hosted the event as part of its Arizona Cyber Security Alliance project to spread basic information about cyber security to local small business leaders.
While the FBI handles investigations into computer crimes, Liffiton admits that, too often, little can be done after a certain point. According to Liffiton, computer intrusions fall into three basic categories: unauthorized access into a system (i.e. hacking), malicious codes (i.e. viruses) and denial of service.

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