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Cyber-war on terror: The check's in the e-mail

Source: Straitstimes.asia1.com.sg
By Ho Ka Wei
Date Written: May 10, 2003

Stop Child Pornography 'Digital Pearl Harbor' on water and power systems possible, so cyber-security firms race against terrorists
ALL your fears that someone else is reading your e-mail and studying your Web habits are true.
But what you say or do online is usually not important enough to be scrutinised. Cyber-security firms, like NetMon Inc from Switzerland, have bigger fish to fry - terrorists. At the start of the two-day conference here on Thursday on 'The Changing Face of Terrorism', terrorism experts from around the world gathered to examine evolving tactics, technologies and targets of terrorist groups. NetMon's chief executive Guido Rudolphi gave a chilling assessment of terrorists' use of the Internet, showing how sophisticated their communication networks are. Mr Rudolphi, 42, said that while the threat of cyber-terrorism or a 'digital Pearl Harbor' is still small, terrorists' technological capabilities have greatly advanced.

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