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Ecommerce hit by failure to report attacks

Source: vnunet.com
Writer: By Emma Nash
Date Written: May 7, 2003

Stop Cybercrime Consumer and corporate trust in ecommerce will be seriously damaged if businesses do not report electronic crimes, says the UK's online police force. The National Hi Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) is trying to convince companies to report cyber attacks. Only 56 per cent of larger companies report electronic crime to the police, and the figure is believed to be even lower among smaller organisations.
'If we work together we will succeed by creating the optimum environment in which ecommerce can flourish,' detective chief superintendent Len Hynds, head of the NHTCU, told delegates at last week's Infosecurity conference in London. 'It's vitally important that people trust their technology. Partnership is about trust and people want to be able to make information decisions about their technology.' If criminals associate low risks of capture with online crime, businesses will be wary of transacting over the internet.

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